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    Quote Originally Posted by jmix View Post
    used to do the same with lot of stuff before I went by better versions... some of the bootleg stuff from the older stage is cut slightly in the intros and outros, that the original sources actually had, and if it was easier to look deep into finding those few more bootleg sources (not the 97-98 ones by Dante, Litt et co.) we would have better copies by now.

    it doesn't sound bad, it's something I used to do too. lol
    easiest way would be to get an audio deck with an output device, even the earphone booth, and plug it in the auxilary/input device of a crappy ass computer and rip it with any ass pc audio recorder/editor by using either a one-jack line cable, or the two-jacks cable (red/black).. depending on how you wanna connect boombox system and pc together.
    the only few important things are to set up properly the line-in for recording and close all the other line-in's/line-out's (so no other sounds get recorded in), and also record everything in a stable volume, so it doesn't burst the shit out of it and it doesn't play just hiss on top of it. guess you know this part already. ^^

    I am personally satisfied with the first version you dropped and I don't beg for more. if someday you have the personal pleasure to spend your time on that, that's the steps you should follow in order to get a simple audio rip.
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