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    Icon7 Petey Pablo - Enormous (Mix CD) (D/L) (9 Unheards)

    This was sold on some forums a while back, but the project owner didn't deliver except to a select few - so, with that said, here's the tracklist and the project...a little Bomb1st exclusive.


    Petey Pablo - Enormous (The CD)

    01. Petey Pablo - Enormous/Death Row 101 (We're Blown) (CDQ)
    02. Petey Pablo - I'm Paid (Everywhere I Go) (CDQ)
    03. Petey Pablo - Holla At Ya Folkz (CDQ)
    04. Petey Pablo featuring Kurupt - Put This Money Right There (CDQ)
    05. Petey Pablo - Ever Been Broke (CDQ) (Unheard)
    06. Petey Pablo featuring Kurupt - It's A Damn Shame (It's A Goddamn Shame) (CDQ)
    07. Petey Pablo featuring Eastwood - I Said (Way Out There) (CDQ) (Prod. by Lil Jon)
    08. Petey Pablo featuring Kurupt - B*tch I Bet Yo Beat Ass (CDQ)
    09. Petey Pablo featuring Kurupt and Eastwood - Don't Love Me Too Much (CDQ)
    10. Petey Pablo featuring The Yin Yang Twins - Don't Trip (CDQ) (Proper Version)
    11. Petey Pablo - West Coast (Thank You) (CDQ)
    12. Petey Pablo featuring Bobby Green - Felt Like Drivin' (CDQ) (Unheard)
    13. Petey Pablo - Black Out (Somebody 'Bout To Get It) (CDQ)
    14. Petey Pablo - Nothing But The Truth (Set The Record Straight) (CDQ)
    15. Petey Pablo - 4 Real (14 Years) (CDQ) (Full Version)
    16. Petey Pablo - Dear Suge (Follow Your Lead) (CDQ) (Unheard)
    17. Petey Pablo - Don't Say Goodbye (CDQ) (Unheard)

    Petey Pablo featuring Kurupt - Ain't No Bitch In Me (CDQ) (Unheard) (Petey Pablo Disses Daz)
    Petey Pablo featuring Kurupt and Hilfiger - What'cha Gonna Do (CDQ) (Unheard)
    Petey Pablo - I Did It (CDQ) (Unheard)
    Petey Pablo - Gangsta Holiday (CDQ) (Unheard)
    Petey Pablo - Untitled (Produced by J. Wells) (CDQ) (Unheard)

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    um, would be interested in this...

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