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    Default dl djg545 presents Till I C L.A. Mixtape 2009

    this is pretty good

    he says after 3 years its out::good:
    Originally Posted by PAPA POOCH

    the members have the freedom to basically do and say whatever they want without the fear of being banned like the old days...

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    Probably up your anus. You best check it before I do some damage!
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    actually dude it was out here on tn 3 yearz ago lol ma computer fucked up so i never managed to put da link on youtube lol

    im DjG545 btw lol well i WAS DjG545 now im Dj Fo Fo, im glad u liked it man!

    theirz da og thread
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    I am DjG545 aka Dj Fo Fo aka The Mutha Fkn Name I'm Usin Now

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