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    TupacNation Exclusive: RJ Bond ("Tupac: Assassination" Producer) Interview 10\07

    RJ Bond ("Tupac: Assassination" Producer) Interview

    After 11 Years, the TRUTH COMES OUT and we at speak with one of the Creators of Tupac:Assassination.

    2007-08-29 13:26:00 - A New DVD being released to the world Sept 25th and available in Stores Oct 23rd about Tupac's last day- sheds new light on what really happened. We talk with the director of the film, RJ Bond and Tupac's Bodyguard "Big Frank". Los Angeles, CA--Thursday, August, 23, 2007--Tupac Shakur is the best selling Hip Hop artist of all time
    (his post mortem career continues with new releases and platinum CDs). Fiery and multitalented on a scale rarely seen, this poet, souljah and actor's untimely death on September 13, 1996, continues to befuddle his many fans with unanswered questions and conspiracy theories. The new documentary film Tupac: Assassination a Bond-Age Films and Step-N-Up Enterprises production distributed by Eyecon/Fontana, a division of Universal Music Group Distribution, lays out the entire murder conspiracy plot surrounding the tragic murder of Tupac Shakur. The film was written and directed by RJ Bond and Executive Produced by Bond and Frank "Big Frank" Alexander, Tupac's former bodyguard.


    "Tupac:Assassination": RJ Bond interview (Director) Exclusive on TupacNation.Com :

    What is the latest updates on "Tupac Revelation"?

    Well the latest is several things:

    1. The movie has had its name changed from Tupac: Revelation to Tupac: Assassination -Conspiracy or Revenge?

    2. We have a distribution deal and will be issuing a press release about it Weds or Thursday.

    3. We have a release
    date which has slid to September 25, 2007

    4. We are as of now accepting preorders on the website ,
    a portion of the proceeds from the pre-sales go toward your TupacNation site, we will track the orders!

    5. We have a limited edition DVD we are selling for all preorders!
    The DVD will be in stores on Tuesday, October 23, 2007. A special limited edition, pre-order Tupac: Assassination DVD signed by Big Frank with a bonus gift of a Tupac poster can be ordered from the Exclusive TupacNation.Com Purchase Link until September 25, 2007.

    Are there any new details to the documentary or changes that we should be aware of?

    I don't know how much your readers know about the filmmaking process, but its 'lock and cut-, 'lock and cut-. 'Lock- means the director is satisfied with the content and says 'that's it-. The 'Cut- comes after someone with influence or collaboration comes to me and says, 'you know..- then the 'this or that- they want changed gets looked at.

    I think the biggest change that was made was the last one: We cut the movie from 120 minutes to 90. I am not saying anything of substance was lost, though. We were beating a few subjects up a lot and we needed, for pacing sake, to just get it out and move on. This last cut I delivered required a last minute trip to LA and a weekend edit. Straw Weisman, the god of film surgery, also our associate producer, helped me bring the film to where it needed to be.

    What type of response have you received for the documentary?

    From who (?) (Laughs). You know on issues like this there is no single opinion. Some who have seen the trailer hated it (a minority). Most loved it and the overall response is that the public can hardly wait. So we have that. Recently, some dudes who want to cause trouble and get a rise out of Frank (Alexander) and I have started making up fake names and saying nasty things to try to derail the project; what these folks don't understand is that controversy sells and all they are doing is drawing more attention to the project.

    Some people have expressed that we are dishonoring the death of Pac. I still can't figure out what planet they are on- I mean, who doesn't want to get to the bottom of who was responsible for his death? I hope they never have that happen to their child, and have people say 'tough luck, just let them rest in peace- who cares who killed them?-

    How did you first get involved in creating this new project?

    This is an easy one. Frank and I talked about it and decided it was time to a piece about Pac and how the hip-hop industry has changed since then. What we found was that people wanted to catch up with the past. They wanted to talk. We listened. I remember calling Frank and telling him that I was going to have to radically change the direction and focus of the project.

    You are working closely on the project with Frank Alexander, who was a close friend of Tupac during his DeathRow time. How did Frank become involved?

    It matters to him. Haters either blame him for something he had no control over, or they think that he is out to make a quick buck. Again trying to figure out what planet they are on. This guy believes in what he is saying and with the cast of characters we discuss in the movie, there is a risk to Frank for being the 'messenger-. No amount of money is worth you or your family's safety.

    When speaking about the Murder of Tupac, people often are quick to make assumptions or overlook things. Will Tupac Revelation reveal some of the minor details that people have overlooked?

    Yes. Many details. The video drops not only trivial misconceptions, but also major details that have become something of legend in their inaccuracy.

    How do you believe the fans reactions will be after viewing this documentary?

    I truly believe that justice needs to be conveyed. I believe Pac's fans will agree. At minimum they will have something to talk about. Something real with evidence.

    The estate has become involved, and you have received their "blessing" for Revelation. How did you go about getting them on board?

    Well, let me be clear here. Yes we have shown a cut of the movie to the estate and yes we have received no objection from their camp on image likeness or copyright infringement. But they of course cannot take a stance and 'bless- anything- that is not theirs. And we understand this. So I would not call it a 'blessing- as that would mean that they agree with the information on the project. But they respect our 1st amendment rights and the efforts we are taking to stay clear with them through the process.

    How much "new" information is really presented here?

    Tons. And I want to add that the information is not only a re-staging of events, but from points of view never told before and with a ton of new testimony. Everyone knows (sort of) what happened. We think that this is the most thorough accounting of exactly what happened to Pac and why.

    Have you ever spoken to Afeni about the contents of this documentary? Or has it been more lawyers and her representatives that have spoken to you?

    More lawyers and Reps. I love Dina LaPolt and Donald David's efforts to protect the estate and its purity. So many celebrities, especially dead ones end up becoming a caricature of who they were (how many bad John Wayne impressions are out there?) and then are more known for that than who they were. So they keep that. As to Afeni, we hope that she watches it and embraces not necessarily the message, but the effort and the results it is trying to prompt.

    Do you address any other rumors that have surrounded Pac's murder (Biggie hiring the shooter, King Tut involved) or strictly go on the information you have at hand?

    I think we pretty well cover them all. When you hear what really happened that night and earlier, the other rumors kind of dissolve themselves. The bigger ones exist for a reason; we get to that and explain what the reason was for their creation.

    In terms of people involved in his death, would you say its more than people think or less than people are led to believe?

    Our movie follows Occam's razor 'The simplest explanation is usually the right one-. Too many questions come up in several theories. And when you get one answered 10 more pop up. So after a while you start understanding that the only one that does not have cascading questions is the most likely; the answers are all there by themselves. No need to ask further.

    How important was it to have Cathy Scott involved in this as well?

    Cathy has a clear insight into the assassination. She was there. I could not see doing a piece with witnesses and not including her. The thing I like best about Cathy is that she is open minded enough to explore 'outside of the box- and reconsider legends in light of her inside knowledge of the crime and the investigation. This was a critical springboard for me, as she lead me down a few paths and reconfirmed that I was on the right one. She recently did an interview and said 'Case Closed-. Pretty strong words.

    She was present in Frank's previous Tupac documentary "Before I Wake", was this one of the reasons why she was included here as well?

    No, and other than Frank there is not one other person except Cathy in the documentary who was in BIW.

    How long have you been working on Revelation?

    A total of almost a year.

    Will we ever see another Tupac Documentary with either you or Frank involved?

    Yeah, we think so. We think that there will be some heavy fall out from this documentary and as good filmmakers we will undoubtedly track that and show the public what it means.

    What type of sales are you anticipating with the release of Revelation? Any special pre-orders that you will be doing?

    Yes I am glad you mentioned it. We are doing preorders right now: and it is a special edition limited DVD. Different cover and the like. The numbers we hope will be big. We hope to see at least 50,000 preorders in the next 45 days. I think we will do at least 500,000 units. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

    Who will be distributing the product for you? Will it be sold exclusively on your website or will other online retailers (amazon,, ect) make it available?

    It will be available in retail venues. Stay tuned on Weds or Thursday for that word.

    What are you trying to accomplish with the release of Tupac Revelation?

    Tupac was murdered in cold blood. It was intentional and it was arranged. It was an assassination. The people at the center of the assassination need to be brough to justice. Everyone says that but this is the first time there is real evidence and testimony that makes that a true possibility. The other thing we are trying to do is jar loose what information the police are sitting on. If we turn out to be wrong, the only way that will come out is by the police showing why that is not the case. They can't hide behind the 'ongoing investigation- comments.

    Biggie & Tupac was a 2002 feature-length documentary film about Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, made by Nick Broomfield. How would you compare your documentary with Biggie & Tupac?

    Okay, here's my "unofficial" take on the Biggie Tupac documentary. What really got revealed? After 90 minutes of this English dude wandering around making Big Frank and others look foolish what did he really uncover? Sure he asked a lot of questions and got to interview Suge and Poole, but all Poole had to say was in Randall Sullivan's book Labyrinth. And they got a lot of stuff wrong. Theories were in the right direction though so I can't say it was all off.

    Good interviews, but what can you look at and say "MAN ! I never heard that before" or "DAMN, I knew it!" ? I liked his ambush of Kevin Hackie. I think he needlessly exposed Big Frank by showing the drive all the way up to Homie's house and showed where he lived. I mean Franks not hiding, but "how about we draw a map to his house in case someone had a bright idea? "

    Other than Poole and Voletta Wallace, the whole thing felt to me like an inside joke.

    In Tupac:Assassination you get the truth. No guessing. No messing around with speculation and guesswork. We talk to real people that meant something to that night, and what they said. We talked to people NEVER talked to by Vegas Police. We talked to key witnesses that provide motive. Facts, facts, facts. We do throw out some leading questions, because they need to be asked, but the questions drive more at ADDITIONAL reasons for Pac's murder.

    How good a job do you believe Nick Broomfield did on Biggie & Tupac? Any wrong doings that you felt he did, but shouldn't have?

    Pretty much answered that one.

    What is the current state of the proposed soundtrack for Revelation? Will there still even be a soundtrack?

    This is official : There is no soundtrack on thuglifearmy records. Unfortunately, they could not get their contracts situated before we had to lock picture and I am not sure if they still have a project or not. But it will not be our soundtrack. Soundtracks generally do not sell well. That being said, there is still music coming out of the movie and there will be music published out relating to the movie.

    Everything in this documentary is all that you possess, or was there information that you decided to withhold for any particular reasons?

    Most of what we have is in the picture; at least what we wanted to say. The only stuff that got cut was repeated stuff and that can go. There is a 15 minute section of unshown interviews with Mutah (Napolean) and since he does not give out many interviews, we have been asked about that. The stuff we have cold be a lot of DVD extras, but nothing that is directly related to our piece. Just stories and the like. But yeah if you're talking about that, yes there is a lot.

    Why has it taken so long for the Murder of Tupac to be solved? Is there any real urgency to discover the truth?

    We think that's the problem: There is no urgency. Certain people have certain political connections that can make things move very slowly. We talk about it in the video, so I can't say a lot of it here. But it all makes sense.

    Lastly, after working on this film, and being apart of the tremendous controversy that is Tupac's Death, without spoiling the film, who could be responsible for his death?

    Good one! (Laughs). I would not be a good DVD producer if I gave it all away now. But here's a free one to your viewers: It is part of a popular legend, but nothing viewers will have considered.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to conduct this interview for the TupacNation.Com fans, any last words or possible news on future projects that you will be working on?

    Naw, more later. Thanks for the kind words.

    Press Release:

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    thanks for the article again:smile1:

    and now i also have the dvd:smile1:

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    Nice i'm gonna love this
    The poetic uploader.

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    Good interview. and thanks, RJ, for the kudos. Interesting thread in other forum, about Frank and the invite by Suge to go out on Lake Mead. I'll be commenting about that, for clarification purposes. :-)

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    That would be me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CathyScott View Post
    Good interview. and thanks, RJ, for the kudos. Interesting thread in other forum, about Frank and the invite by Suge to go out on Lake Mead. I'll be commenting about that, for clarification purposes. :-)
    Welcome to the site, its a honor to have you hear. (Y)

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    when released assassination 2 on dvd know someone?

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    Good interview and the documentary was thought provoking. Frustrating that is seems clear no one will be held accountable by the legal system, but it is true to the irony of Pac's life - he was living the life of a black man from the gutta, and the system turns its nose up at the violent death of young black makes each and every day. Same for Pac. Hopefully other forms of accountability and justice have prevailed on this situation, and if not it is always in God's hands.

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