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    Default *d/l*-2pac-I'm still here vol1&2

    Here are two mixtapes I made..I got a lot of good feedback so far.I tried doing something different..Let me know what you think! Links at bottom I also put 2 demos so you can listen first. Sorry if i posted this in the wrong place.I put it here and TN records.Which is right?
    Vol 1 # 1.2pac back in the old school feat. ahmad mix
    # 2.2pac better days feat. chris daughtry mix
    # 3.2pac does heaven got a ghetto mix
    # 4.2pac fuck all y'all feat. eminem mix
    # 5.2pac do without you feat. 3 doors down mix
    # 6.2pac die 2nite mix
    # 7.2pac get away mix
    # 8.2pac holla if ya hear me mix
    # 9.2pac i need u mama mix
    # 10.2pac i really need to talk lord feat. dmx, biggie, big l, big pun mix
    # 11.2pac neva call u bitch feat. case mix
    # 12.2pac never had a friend like me mix
    # 13.2pac running feat. biggie mix
    # 14.2pac smile feat. scarface mix
    # 15.2pac only fear of death feat. biggie mix
    # 16.2pac thugz get lonely too mix
    # 17.2pac I'm gettin money mix
    # 18.2pac changes mix
    # 19.2pac me against the world feat. biggie mix
    # 20.2pac blocks changing feat. ozzy osbourne mix
    # 21.2pac never had a friend remix(scrapped bonus)
    vol 2 # 1.2pac happy home feat jay-z mix
    # 2.2pac pain feat eminem, biggie mix
    # 3.2pac till the end of time mix
    # 4.2pac thugz mansion feat eric clapton mix
    # 5.2pac untouchable feat bone mix
    # 6.2pac- hold on feat dmx mix
    # 7.2pac my hero feat big pun, nas, biggie, big L mix
    # 8.2pac- life goes on mix
    # 9.2pac trust me feat ashanti mix
    # 10.2pac homeboys feat big L, jay-z mix
    # 11.2pac letter to my unborn mix
    # 12.2pac-how do you want it mix
    # 13.2pac temptations mix
    # 14.2pac hellrazor mix
    # 15.2pac baby dont cry feat lil wayne, castro mix
    # 16.2pac lie to kick it feat richie rich mix
    # 17.2pac fuck em all feat outlaws mix
    # 18.2pac who do you believe in feat kadafi mix
    # 19.2pac hail mary feat outlaws mix
    # 20.2pac life i lead feat az, nas mix
    # 21.2pac fake bitches feat biggie mix
    # 22.2pac soon as i get home feat kadafi mix
    # 23.2pac don't you trust me mix (scrapped bonus)

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    good to hear new shit:w00t:

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    Could U reup them? :unsure: the links are broken...

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