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    Exclusive SPANTANEEUS XTASTY Interview: ["the only female that was managed by 2Pac"] 12\07

    "SPANTANEEUS XTASTY/pornstar/rap artist/entertainer/and Ceo....THE ONLY FEMALE THAT WAS MANAGED BY 2PAC...(RIP)"

    This is history! Spantaneeus Xtasty a.k.a. Span, the sex goddess and Gang Bang Queen. Born and raised in Philadelphia, she is the first and only Black/Filipino woman to change the history of the adult entertainment for African-American women by doing The World's History Gang Bang Record of 551 men in 6 hours. This type of movie has never been done by a woman of color. Spantaneeus Xtasty was the first. This movie became number one in the adult industry in the first week of release. It sold over 20 million copies and is still selling today.

    Being one of the few women of color who became a contract girl with one of the biggest Hollywood Adult companies in Los Angeles, Spantaneeus personality has always been very humble, with an aura of innocence to her, as well as down to earth with a thuggish tomboyish look and attitude at times. She is always very sexy and beautiful and with a very exotic and erotic look with lots of tattoos. Spantaneeus has always been a woman who, when she enters a room, people stop and look at -- with her unique body measurements! What really shocks people who knows Spantaneeus is she is very religious. She believes very strongly in God! Not your typical pornstar.
    Spantaneeus won 4 awards in her achievements as a famous pornstar.
    Spantaneeus has directed over 4 adult films that was shown on all adult playboy channels.
    Spantaneeus is also a contributing editor for Blacktail Magazine.
    Spantaneeus has lots of fans that have tattoos on their bodies of her.
    Spantaneeus Xtasty is in the Players Hall of Fame. She has done 352 movies within 4 years of her career and has been in the adult industry for 12 years. Still today, X-rated companies in Hollywood are always asking Spantaneeus to do another movie. She is still the most wanted pornstar that adult film companies want today! But after starring in the 551 Gang Bang movie, Spantaneeus mentioned to the media that was the last adult film movie she will do. She was ready to move on to her next mission.
    Spantaneeus has decided to finally bring the vision of what is in her heart and soul. And what Tupac had visioned her to do when he was alive, that is the MUSIC! Spantaneeus has been in the studio for 1 year, getting ready to make history again! The only woman that was managed by Tupac Shakur (RIP)....
    Spantaneeus started in the music industry at the age of 12 as a drummer, but she never looked her age. Spantaneeus body matured very fast, her family was always over-protective of her when she was 12 years old, because of her body looking like a woman at a very young age. But she was also a model in Madrid, Spain at that same tender age (for magazines and billboards).
    Spantaneeus had her own Hard Rock and Pop band and she was the drummer. So many people were amazed to see a black woman playing drums with a style of rock music. At times she would dance for rap artists who was signed with Ruffhouse Records, now called Ruffnation Records, in Philly. People kept on wanting Spantaneeus to be on the mic because of her looks and skills. People always wanted to see her perform solo. Spantaneeus style became so good that she opened up shows for a lot of major rap artists in the hip hop industry without ever being signed to a record label. Spantaneeus opened up for Chubb Rock, Big Daddy Kane, McLyte, Naughty by Nature, Blacksheep, Das Efx, Queen Latifah, Bizzy Bone, from Bone Thugs N Harmony, and she has worked with Mr. Cheeks, even Kid Capri did production for her just to name a few. Shortly after that, she performed at one of the biggest music conventions held in the music industry in Atlanta, GA, called, Jack the Rapper convention. Spantaneeus then became signed with a major record company called Ichiban Records, the same label such artists as Mc Breed and Curtis Mayfield was signed with.
    Spantaneeus decided to get out of the contract because of the changes of release dates. Shortly after that, Tupac Shakur came into her life. Span and Pac became friends, and then later they became more than friends. Spantaneeus never asked Tupac to manage her, but Tupac later made his decision to manage Spantaneeus under Thug-Life Mansion Management. Spantaneeus says that he was the teacher and she was the student. Tupac was so educated when he spoke, she listened. Pac was my best friend. She says that she really misses him. I am blessed to have had him in my life he was my everything.
    Spantaneeus is the CEO of her own music publishing company called Pleasure-Life Publishing, Inc. Spantaneeus produces and arranges music. She also has her own music unit and crew, she is the only female in her crew. She also manages rap artists and singers who will be coming out with their CD's ,mixtapes, and albums in the future. Spantaneeus has her own exclusive producers under her publishing company. There were a lot of famous rap artists that Spantaneeus knows who wanted to help her with her songs, but she wanted to prove her own record and cd sells. Her first rap album project features herself and has some of the artists that she manages. Spantaneeus is ready to make history again by creating her own music sound in the, Music Industry.


    Spantaneeus Xtasty first released ALBUM......COMING 2008!!!!!!
    It's A Woman's Thing!


    What's Up Spantaneeus? Glad to have this interview with you.

    I'm happy to do this with you guys...

    You have managed to get to the mainstream, unlike many others in the porn industry, is this only a bonus or a goal that you had?

    Yes, it was always a goal because I was in the mainstream industry before I got into the Porn Industry.

    How often do you work on films? do u enjoy the making of every 1 of them?

    Every week. And yes I have enjoyed every movie that I have been in.

    On your MySpace page we can find a few music tracks. when did you start singing?

    Yes. I started rappin in 1992 but I was a drummer first.

    Who offered you the chance to make this move? was it a dream of yours?

    It was a dream of mines and I just went for it.

    Do you work on any albums or mixtapes? any plans to make a video for one of your tracks? it would be intresting to watch it...

    I'm working on my Album now and my Single will be released in the near future. And yes there will be a video done for my Single.

    You are the Ceo of your "Pleasure-Life Publishing, Inc". Do you work with any record label?

    I have my own Record Label,and Publishing Company but I will be working with other Artists and Producers from other Labels.

    Name some of the music artists that have influenced you over the years, beside 2pac ofcourse.

    2PAC number one always, others are, Mr. Cheeks,Methodman,Sisqo Druhill,Bow Wow,Omarion,Soulja Boy,Fat Joe,DJ Khaled,TI,Playza Circle,Luda,Lil Wayne.

    Any special album that made an impact on you?

    All Eyez On Me !

    what is your favourite 2pac album and track? any reason why?

    My Favorite Album is "All Eyez on Me" Favorite Track "No More Pain" the reason why I really love this song is because of the meaning of the lyrics of this song,and what "Pac" has gone through,including the title of this song,"No More Pain". (My baby is resting,2PAC has no more pain. I miss you!).

    when did u meet Tupac for the first time? was it before u got into porn?
    how was your first meeting with him?

    I met 2Pac in 1992 for the first time. I was not a pornstar and meeting him for the first time was so special because he wanted to meet me there was no bodyguards just him,me,my road manager and a best friend of Pac's at the time.

    what kind of relation ship u had with him? were u just friends? maybe lovers?

    Our relationship was,friends,lovers,and then became my manager/business as well.

    what made u make a 2pac tattoo on your body? how is it to be with Pac 24*7? many of your fans made a tattoo of yours on their body too...

    I got my 2PAC tattoo when PAC passed away. It was a blessing being with PAC,he was so educated and a very good person, a gentleman and caring person as well. Thanks to all my fans for having the tattoo!

    you claim to be "the only female that was managed by Tupac Shakur"... can u give us more information about your work with 2pac?

    He knew that I wanted to do my music but I wanted to wait after I stop doing movies. My next step was my music so he said to me,that he will manage me.

    how do you feel about the latest 2pac releases? do u like the production?

    I love the ideal that his fans and people can always hear his voice and music on the radio from his latest releases,some of the production,No comment I will say it this way I just wish Pac was still here to do the production himself.

    did Pac give u any tips or advices? did u learn something from him?

    I learned a lot from Pac to trust no one but God from black history to being in the studio,to being a business woman not just an artist,and always take care of your business.

    Where were you when he died? how did you react to that? were you surpised?

    I was very surprize,very shocked,sad and hurted and today it still hurts. Like a scare that won't heal.

    What do you think he could accomplish if he was still here with us? Did he share any of his future plans with you?

    He would of accomplished every goal that he wanted to do and then some. He shared to be an accomplished business man not just an artist.

    Did you ever get the chance to work with him on a music track or video?

    That was going to happen the year he passed away.

    How did he feel about your porn career?

    He was fine with it but he never watched any of my movies,he never shared me.

    Tupac was different with the way he talked and felt about women. songs like Brenda's Got a Baby and Keep Ya Head Up put him on another level. was this a reason for you to like him so much?

    Well I loved him because of the man he was the person and soul he had. I believe now he is one of God's Angels now looking over me.

    Another porn legend, Nina Hartley who appeared on XxX version of How Do U Want U Want It said once: "The best part was the private party I had with Tupac, Heather Hunter and Angel Kelly, after the last day of shooting. I may tell more later, but I will say this: Tupac had what it took to be a porn stud, no problem! 'Pac could have been a professional!".

    Yes,Pac was handsome,sexy,good looking and a good sexy body. 2pac was a excellent lover and I miss him in all ways and positions,lol.

    Were u at this private party maybe? if so share some moments with us.
    Would you like to comment anything about Nina's words?

    No I was not at the private party because I was not in town at that time.

    Would u like to share some private moments with the TupacNation fans? what made him so special in your opinion?

    2pac was very special to me because he was a gentle man,we never had one argument ,he would always ask me to look into his eyes,(I really miss that,lol). I miss the letters that he would write to me he would always draw a "happy face" at the end of his letters. To the world,I want you to know,that 2pac was a good person,he cared about children,women and the future ! 2PAC was very spiritual.

    And ofcourse, say a few words to your fans.

    To all my fans and new fans to come look out soon my music is Coming under "Pleasure -Life Publishing" and my label with other artists. And also Coming my xrated film company "Xtastynails Entertainment". Later in the future,the book of my life,clothing line and. other things to come ! THE CHAPTER REOPENS the ONLY FEMALE THAT 2PAC MANAGED. Spantaneeus Xtasty Fan Mail. P O BOX 35107 Philadelphia,PA 19128. JOIN: FAN MAIL INFO: [email protected] Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

    Thank you so much for your time. It was a pleasure to have this interview!

    Support SPANTANEEUS XTASTY on her Space!

    Here is our Press Release.

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    Nice interview man, interesting!

    I found her myspace site, go to:
    Download: Hidden Content

    Hidden Content
    "We all had a listening party for the album, and Pac was loving every song.
    But when they played "Hail Mary", he just went through a thing.
    He threw his hands up in the air with his Hennessy bottle.
    He threw his hands up in the air like he ruled the nation." - Hurt M Badd

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    nice interview man props:walkman:

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    551 men in 6 hours!? My god!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by C-Squared View Post
    551 men in 6 hours!? My god!!
    Lmao! Shes a sex machine! She must have had a dick watin for her in every corner Lol. :Crylol: Good interview btw! :good:
    2Pac "Return Of Tha Soulja" Mixtape (2008) DJ MeNaCe

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    thx,Idan for all this precision and the interview is very interesting...:shiftyninja:

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    nice considering its a new interview, but not really impressed with it.. the questions and responses were severely lacking

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    ^^ i dont know about that man. something its refreshing to read and hear from people who knew Pac and didnt just work with him. they bring new moments and share something else that i cant explain. 2pac died 11 years ago... its fun to read about poeple who miss him.

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    who can we thank for this interview?

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