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    Former Death Row Vice President 'BIG LOS' Interview ( Exclusive)

    Deathrow Vice-President
    ("Suge's right hand) Interview

    This is 1 of the best Tupac scene \ interviews ever! We have a 4 hours interview with a man who was there, behind the scenes of Deathrow records. He was there when they released The Chronic till the end with Tha Realest & Crooked-I. BIG LOS will share new and amazing facts and stories with, a lot of it will be new to all of you! He will expose a few liars and confirm a lot of facts. Stay tunned. :devil2:


    On this 1st part (of 100 parts) BIG LOS talks about the roots and histroy of DeathRow Records and Suge Night,
    back in the late 80's and early 90's. Thanks to Raf-Remix for interviewing him.


    - Tupac wasn't a gangbanger, he was affilated with gangs, , unlike Suge. he was the voice of the street.
    - Suge tried to be Puffy, to be in the front.
    - Snoop & Dre have brain and made better moves than Suge. Suge lost his passion.
    - Suge should have been as big as Diddy & Russel Simmons.
    - Suge wasn't involved in Tupac's murder!
    - East VS. West: Suge Vs. Puffy, Pac Vs. Biggie, Dogg Pound, Jermaine Duprie, Def Jam, Warren-G.
    - Tupac and the media.Young black males in the media.


    - Haitian Jack & Tupac: the roots of the beef and their problems with each other.
    - The 94 Shotting in New York - Tupac's reaction and why he dissed Biggie for that.
    - 2Pac thought that Biggie should have done more to protect and help him in the East coast.
    - Suge Night - the gangster vs. the friend.
    - The death of Tupac & Biggie was a big lost for Black music and the genre of hip-hop.
    - Suge & Puff Daddy\P.Diddy used to be friends.
    - 2Pac & Suge had many things in common, the reason they were so close.


    - The many Deathrow artists: Daz, Kurupt, Crooked-I, Eastwood, SKG, Tha Realest and more...
    - Daz Dillinger trying to take over DeathRow.
    - Snoop Dogg & others acting like bitches:attention: Telling them to act like men and not like fags :attention:
    - Suge is a bully who doesn't respect punks like Snoop, Daz and others. Snoop isn't a real boss.
    - Big Los gives props to Snoop Dogg for giving a chance to real artists.


    - The Realest is a fake Tupac, He isn't real.
    - Big Los isn't sure if Pac & Tha Realest met each other, could be.
    - Pac could have liked Tha Realest as an artists or could disrespect him.
    - Top Dogg & Tha Realest were signed to DeathRow in order to replace Tupac & Snoop.
    - Warlord, a former DeathRow artist, sounds like Pac but still tries to be original.
    - Tupac's financial condition.
    - One Nation.
    - Tupac's work ethic: the hardest working man of the show biz back in 96. 2Pac never had more than 2 hours sleeping.
    - Tupac used to work in 2 studios at the same time!
    - About the alive theories: Tupac is dead and gone, his spirit and memory lives on. RIP
    - Better Days & Until The End Of Time: best posthumous 2Pac albums, produced by the help of Deathrow.
    - 2Pac didn't make peace with Nas before he died! Nas is a liar.
    - Tupac would have never let Eminem to do what he did to his music.

    - Big Los could see Pac & Big working together again. People have tried to make them sit together.
    - A lot of rappers wouldn't have a career if Pac or Big would be still alive, Jay-Z would have made
    it with or without 2Pac.
    - 2Pac would have worked with any talented artist. Not sure if he would have worked with Eminem
    but he would have respected Eminem as person. BigLos could see Pac working with 50 Cent.
    - Tupac Shakur as an individual: wise, funny, talented, full of life, lost, battling his demons.
    - Tupac never had the chance to show the world what he can offer, he had a lot more in him.
    - Amaru must stop letting artists Tupac didn't know being featured on his songs. 2Pac made
    enough songs with rappers he liked and respected.
    - 2Pac Vs. Dr.Dre.
    - Dr.Dre Vs Suge.
    - 2Pac & Snoop Dogg.

    - Suge (Blood) Vs. Snoop Dogg (Crip).
    - DeathRow East: it was 2Pac's vision, bringing rappers like The Outlawz.
    - Unheard\Unleaked 2Pac songs.
    - Big Los isn't about the money when it comes to Tupac's legacy.
    - Tupac:Assassination - not interesting, Suge had nothing to do with 2Pac's death its time to let Pac rest in peace.
    - Nu Mixx Klazzics: DeathRow only has a right to release this kind of albums.
    - 2Pac died while he was a part of Deathrow and loved the label.
    - Who is the source of the 2Pac leaks? Who wants songs to leak?
    - Missing the old hip-hop days when everybody had his own style. Misses good hip-hop music.
    - Hip-hop is alive, Nas doesn't sell anymore, thats why he said hip-hop is dead.
    - Tupac has a daugther ?!

    - Gangsta Rap will never die cause it's the truth. A report from the hoods.
    - C. Delores Tucker was an opportunist, she never gave a hand to the poor in the street ("Fuck her!").
    - Dr.Dre took credit from Sam Sneed and still does because he doens't always starts the production.
    - Richie Rich & 2Pac have unheard songs.
    - DeathRow Artists paychecks.
    - The WideAwake \ DeathRow situation - a good deal.
    - The Notorious B.I.G was a cool guy, he realy loved Pac looked up to him as a person and as an icon.
    - Shares a story about Biggie, Goin' Back To Cali & the recording of Life After Death.
    - Don't take the media too seriously.
    - Suge will always be a good friend and someone you can trust.
    - Los Entertainment.

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    thank you ninja cant wait for the rest
    The poetic uploader.

    "You can quote me now cos i'm still talking shit."-still talking -Eazy e

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    First 20 minutes of this sounds real good. 100's of parts? lol

    From what I've heard of this interview it def is one of our best.

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    lmao 100 parts?!!?dam..i

    did this over a year or so interviewing skills were non existent then..o well
    U know what it is....

    remix of the month for me:

    2Pac feat. Nate Dogg - How do you want it ( KMBeatz )

    Hidden Content

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    Suge Night? Lol and 100 parts? Damn. Thanks anyway

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    should be like 12 parts, thx for the interview imma check it now

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    You could have made a TN "Big Los" DR Docu?

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    waits for someone to download all 100 parts and zip them up in 1 file so i can download at my convenience...

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