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    Warlord [Former Death Row Rapper] - Exclusive Interview


    [Former DeathRow Rapper]
    Exclusive Interview

    >> Press Release <<

    An exclusive interview with Big Los, "Suge's right hand", coming soon...:attention:

    TUPACNATION.NET: Tell us about Warlord, for those that don't know you?

    WARLORD: Well im a real up front honest person , I say what I mean and mean what I say , I am a born leader and im about growth but at the same time im relentless and at times channel my anger the wrong way lol...

    TUPACNATION.NET: How did you first get involved in the music industry?

    WARLORD: my uncle had a company called twisted ent . and when he finally listen to me rap he put me in the studio , but my relationship with that company grew sour then I joined a company named Bearron ent which was friends of mine from the area I grew up in and from there hooked up with Big Los and we started L.O.S & Have Heart Have Money ent . long and slow grind for me but I stuck with it.

    TUPACNATION.NET: Rising young artists sometimes have trouble finding their "place", did you ever worry about that when you first started out?

    WARLORD: Naw I just do me I don't get caught up in the I gotta be a certain way for people to feel or like me , I see it like this everybody not a gangsta , can sell drugs or run the streets everybody cant be what people want them to be but if a person just be them deep down they cant loose because its millions do and feel the same way and live that life.

    TUPACNATION.NET: One question that everyone would like to know, how did you end up on DeathRow?

    WARLORD: I was introduce to Big Los who at the time was the VP over there and after he listen to me spit he called Suge and told him he had someone he had to meet after that we became like brothers.

    TUPACNATION.NET: Hearing all about Suge and his reputation, did that play any part in your decision to go there? Was it intimidating?

    WARLORD: Not at all I wanted to go to death row I could have went to a lot of other labels but I wanted to go there , not only would I be a underdawg but if I had success there it would put my career on a icon level for two reasons:

    1.putting the West back on top.

    2.putting Death Row back on top after people wrote it off . me and Suge hit it off right off the back .the intimidating shit is for the fake real talk.

    TUPACNATION.NET: If you could pick any Artist that was DeathRow as your favorite, who would you choose and why?

    WARLORD: 2Pac & Snoop Dogg! Pac because of what he brought to the table how raw he was and open to his fans & snoop for coming from where he came from and holding the west down like he did

    TUPACNATION.NET: What are your feelings on the rumor that has been long talked about, which is Suge having a part in the murder of 2pac?

    WARLORD: All I can say is Suge love Pac too much , to this day me and Suge can be chill'n and he start talking about Pac and how close they was . as far as the rumor that shit go in one ear and out the other with me.

    TUPACNATION.NET: What are your feelings about 2Pac?

    WARLORD: He is hands down the best to ever do this shit with all the things he was dealing with in and outside of music the power he had its just so much you can say.

    TUPACNATION.NET: 2pac being a part of DeathRow will always be remembered by music fans. What will you remember most about 2pac the person?

    WARLORD: The way he gave his fans his feelings and didn't care about people thought with Pac if you was a fan you felt like you knew him outside of music.

    TUPACNATION.NET: What will you remember most about yourself being on Deathrow?

    WARLORD: all the shit me and Suge talked about from my music his past and future & my future in music you know the personal shit.

    TUPACNATION.NET: In discussions you may have had with Suge, did he ever make mention of still possessing unreleased 2Pac songs?

    WARLORD: Naw I never cared to know. that was not my focus.

    TUPACNATION.NET: Can you ever see 2pac appearing on your future mix tapes/albums ?

    WARLORD: I cant answer that right now but while I was there I did do a song with PAC & Petey so we will see.

    TUPACNATION.NET: Speaking of, what is the latest with you and your album that you are currently working on?

    WARLORD: Well I am dropping the second vol AUG 3RD to my mixtape STILL CAN GET'CHA BLOCK KNOCKED OFF ! vol 1 was me fucking with other artist beats but vol 2 is a 20 track disc full songs to open people ear to me & then im working on my album which is 96% done titled LEGACY OF WAR.

    TUPACNATION.NET: From a quality standpoint, what can we expect from this release when it finally does drop?

    WARLORD: The best I can tell people is that its nothing short of a classic I put me into this Albums I didn't fall into the what I should be doing I followed my heart and with that I don't care what your background is people are going to be able to take to this album.

    TUPACNATION.NET: "I Can Get Cha Block Knocked Off" is a mixtape that introduced you for the first time to some rap fans. Tell us about how that mixtape came about and what do you remember most while you were working on it?

    WARLORD: That mixtape was a fast job I was happy to be a part of DEATH ROW went in the studio and did that in a few days , and the thing I remember most was the look on LOS & Suge face when they saw how I did it lol..

    TUPACNATION.NET: What are some of the latest things you have been working on besides your album?

    WARLORD: Any side projects you care to touch on? Yeah I been working on my group GROOVE TRYBE which is 5 members TOPBREED , LTB , SLIENT GROOVE , G MAC , POPPA & A FILM that I am writing called COMMON GROUNDS.

    TUPACNATION.NET: What is the current state of DeathRow Records?

    WARLORD: When is the last time you personally spoke to Suge Knight? The state of Death Row is to become a catalog company from what I understand and for suge to kick off blackballed records at this point and I spoke to suge about a week ago.

    TUPACNATION.NET: What can you tell us about "Have Heart Have Money Entertainment"?

    WARLORD: That's the company I started to showcase my group GROOVE TRYBE and other artist .I plan to make it the new age Death Row with raw talent classic music and a real foundation for the west coast

    TUPACNATION.NET: From a historical standpoint 2pac was one of the hardest working rappers in history and made a category of songs that cannot be touched. What does this do to a rapper such as yourself who is connected to 2pac by being a part of a label he once was a part of?

    WARLORD: I work that hard anybody can tell you who knows me. its just like MJ and Kobe to be the best you gotta work hard .you cant say you wanna be or you are if you not hard at work at it.

    TUPACNATION.NET: Who are some artists/producers you would like to work with in the future that you haven't been given a chance to yet?

    WARLORD: Danja , לanye West , Cool & Dre , Justblaze , Timberland... and more...

    TUPACNATION.NET: 2pac fans will be reading this, and listening to your next wave of music. What do you have to say to them?

    WARLORD: I mean what should I say to them besides check it out, they should! haha...

    TUPACNATION.NET: The music industry has changed so much over the past decade, what do you believe you can do to keep yourself established and recognized?

    WARLORD: The relationship I have with my fans I care about my fans I don't just do music for money like most do so in my heart I feel as my fans start to grow and see me grow they will set me aside from the rest.

    TUPACNATION.NET: What is in your mind, the "perfect song"?

    WARLORD: when the song is from the heart no matter the topic because people lifestyles are different so when you might not think it's the perfect song someone will so to me just a open heart and the truth .

    TUPACNATION.NET: In 5 years, where will Warlord be?

    WARLORD: Behind a desk running my company given the world the best talent time after time enjoying life because while im a artist its all grind for me 24/7.

    TUPACNATION.NET: Its the question that has been asked millions of times, is HipHop really dead and how can we bring it back?

    WARLORD: Hip hop aint dead its just repeating itself think about where hip hop came from dj's then a mc on the mic to hype up the crowd by saying whatever he could to move it and rep the dj then later came the fly mc who where lyrist now the hands have went back to what down south is doing make'n crowd moving music keeping lyrics simple so everyone learns the words fast and partying that don't make hip hop dead .and what artist got to do is stop giving a fuck about jewels and cars get back to making better music and giving a fuck about the fans and then hip hop might not be so fucked as they call it.

    TUPACNATION.NET: Thank you so much for your time Warlord! any last words for the fans on TupacNation?

    WARLORD: First I wanna thank you for taking the time to interview me and showing me love like you do , I wanna thank all my fans for keeping up with my music all the messages and comments sent to my page , I wanna say whats up to my group GROOVE TRYBRE , BIG LOS , MALIK SCOTT , BLACK DENIRO , BIG U , J CLASSIC , S.OWENS ,DEL WEST , ARSONIST , FAMEUS ITS ON AUG 3RD VOL.2 BABY.

    Warlords's MySpace Page:

    A TupacNation.Net exclusive interview with Big Los, "Suge's right hand", coming soon...:attention:

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    snoop holding the west down? What?

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    thx for the interview, nice reading

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    good ice puppy good
    The poetic uploader.

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    thanks for this :turned:
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    thanks for this man (Y)

    we all thought you were dead lol

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    thx for the interview, it was nice to read.

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    I remember Warlord, me and him was suppose to do a track once, but it fell through, don't know what happened, but anyway cool interview!
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