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    Vance "Choo The Specializt" Branch - Interview Part [TupacNation.Net Exclusive] 12\09

    Vance "Choo The Specializt" Branch - Interview

    Read his Bio and listen to his music on his MySpace page.

    Interviewed by DJ- Kamikaze, brought to you by Aisback.

    TUPACNATION.NET: Can you tell us a little about yourself what have you been doing for the last couples of years and so?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: Well as you may know I’m a producer when I was 19/20 years old, I was DJ-ing and producing. Got my first big break really was 2pac. I actually did some song with for him. 1 of them was release later that was hold on be strong. From that point in between I was working with Wu tang as well based on being an independent producer and all. The time he got locked up on , we didn’t know what was going on so we was gonna chill for a minute , Suge Knight got him out of jail and he went to Death Row. With clan I worked with ghost face, Black Knight and more. A couples of years I was doing tracks with guys from big labels like Raekon.

    TUPACNATION.NET: You were growing up in the ghetto with a single mother does that have any effect on your music and the people you rather work with?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: Yeah for me, coming up I was in a pretty rough neighbourhood, the projects. It seems that all my anger and frustration like when my dad wasn’t really around that much. My dad was in the business too. Coming up in the project creates energy kinda like the Wu sound.

    TUPACNATION.NET: What do your parents think about hip hop and your music?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: They were really supporting at. My grandmother was crazy about the movement she was always supportive. My parents were pushing me

    TUPACNATION.NET: Can you tell us about the struggle about being a young producer?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: I got so many stories about the struggle. It’s really hard. I remember in New York going to the studio in a car and a police car was trying to catch me out.

    TUPACNATION.NET: Do you think it’s easier these days with YouTube and MySpace, how do you feel about the direction of hip hop and the future?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: To be honest I’m kind of disappointed of the game now back then people where doing crack. Music’s got to change; I don’t like how the game is now. I really like to produce a song with a sharp beat.

    TUPACNATION.NET: We know that you met 2pac at a young age what made him give you a chance?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: He seen my hunger, he seen how I’m living, we met face to face and showed him nothing but love and rolling around in the clubs, we always kept contact with him through his mother. It didn’t matter that he was always on the road. I told my dad I met him (2Pac) and he brought me a keyboard. I was sending him beats every week.

    TUPACNATION.NET: Would you consider hold on be strong to be your breakthrough?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: It was an accomplishment it gave me a resume it was my break through. I got my respect out of that.

    TUPACNATION.NET: Stretch was featured on the song was he involved with the production?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: Stretch was only a featuring artist I solely produced that track.

    TUPACNATION.NET: Did stretch work on other productions with you or a workaholic like 2Pac?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: He did a lot of production but I wasn’t around much. I was going back and forth with Wu Tang doing a lot of work in the studio so there was a gap. 2Pac was mad at work I felt safe in the studio with him, he hooked me up. I’d be at a party and Pac would be recording extras still in the morning.

    TUPACNATION.NET: It’s not a normal process what happened between the 2 years the beat was created in 92 and the production was done on 94 what happened?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: The 2 years I was with Wu Tang, when you produce you do a lot of beats. I had my own crew the children of Israel. I was doing a lot of work in the studio.

    TUPACNATION.NET: You worked with Shyheim he also preformed with 2Pac, Biggie and Big Daddy Kane in garden in New York did you hook them up?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: Nah I didn’t have any input on it.

    TUPACNATION.NET: What do you prefer an old school production or a new school production.

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: Old school but I do some new school as well.

    TUPACNATION.NET: Can you name a few albums over the last couple of years which had good production?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: If we’re talking new school Young Jeezy Thug Motivation was a good production.

    TUPACNATION.NET: Do you have any unreleased footage with you with Stretch or 2Pac?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: The only things I have are 2 pictures of 2pac and they’re on my MySpace.

    TUPACNATION.NET: Can you tell us about your relationship with 2Pac its funny a guest at your restaurant became a partner?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: The relationship was school, he was big but he wasn’t as big as he is known now. He was the type of guy who would give you a chance, and he did. When he got locked up I wrote to him.

    TUPACNATION.NET: When was the last time you talked to Pac also where you happy when Pac joined Deathrow Records?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: Actually when he was locked that was the last time I communicated with him. When he went to Deathrow I was happy for him I was happy he got out of jail. He found a new home there. I knew the label would’ve caused some friction.

    TUPACNATION.NET: Shock G did you get know him and how was it working with him?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: Shock G was cool it was funny cos I know that I’m older now; I was thinking was this the humpty guy or is it 2 different dudes. He was cool to work with he was impressed with what I could do. That’s the only time I dealed with him in the studio; I didn’t have a relationship with him like I did with Pac.

    TUPACNATION.NET: From knowing 2Pac do you think he would’ve wanted tracks like Reincarnation to be released was he proud of them?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: I think so I know a lot of people don’t like them and change them, I feel good about it as long as the production is real.

    TUPACNATION.NET: Shistie Affairs is a movie script that you wrote what influence you to write a movie script and are you working on any others?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: No that’s the only 1. That script was based on my life me and my cousin trying to get a record deal. It’s based on going to New York going through the label thing and everything. It’s a vision I’ve always had, I’m still working on it and it’s gonna take a while. In November I’m gonna do a beat auction, nobody has done this before. As well as I have a magazine called the beat mix magazine. That’s my main thing trying to reach out to the community

    TUPACNATION.NET: Can you tell us about some of the artist you’re working with like Shyheim?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: actually I’m doing a mastering thing, CD mastering. It’s so people can get affordable mastering. In the process and starting up I picked up Trillville and Don P, universal wanted me so I did the whole album

    TUPACNATION.NET: Are they all sign to your record label and what’s the name of your label?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: No I don’t have a label, I did that years ago with children of isreal .I don’t have time to make a label. I’m busy doing other stuff.

    TUPACNATION.NET: How did you hook up with Ghostface Killa and the Wu Tang and did you produce any unreleased tracks for them?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: yeah actually I produced a lot of them. My mother she met a guy name Wayne we was down with the Clan, my mom said my son does beats he worked with Pac but it’s not out yet she tried to hook me up. I called him and he took me right to jersey they heard my beat and said I want to put you under my wing I said I need more equipment and I told him about the 2Pac situation and everything. I had an artist by the name of Chris really nice guy. They flew me to LA for 2 weeks and I worked with some guys like Black knight that’s a lot of unreleased stuff I did in the studio.

    TUPACNATION.NET: Would you consider working with any unknown artists and if so how can they contact you?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: Right now I’m really busy but I’m always listening you got to subconscious rap and you got a good chance to work with me, these new cats can’t get me to budge you need to be able to move me. You can hit me at I’m on my MySpace every day.

    Q: can you name any musicians you’d like to work with in the future?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: I want to go more pop and RNB, I would like to work T.I and old school people who I never got a chance with like Biggie before he passed away I was in bad boy. Busta Rhymes of course I defiantly want to work with Raekwon it’s just a matter of a phone call.

    TUPACNATION.NET: Do you have any last words for the fans?

    CHOO THE SPECIALIZT: Yeah as I said, if you want if you need CD mastering you can hit me up on my MySpace. For the fans as advice the best thing is to do your thing online. Records aren’t selling like they use to do.

    TUPACNATION.NET: Thank you for taking your time to do this interview

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    Very nice interview. What did he meant by saying "I had my own crew the children of Israel"????

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    The poetic uploader.

    "You can quote me now cos i'm still talking shit."-still talking -Eazy e

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    thanks 4 this interview
    now i know who produced hold on be strong
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    kool interview man

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    nice interview, thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Emon View Post
    thanks 4 this interview
    now i know who produced hold on be strong
    He produced the OG. from what I've heard it's different from the retail.

    P.S.: At first I was thinking that this was some kind of joke Idan interviewing our Choo or something^^ muhahaha

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    nice interview thanks for sharing.
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    how can you expect to find it anywhere else.

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