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    Default BEROCKE PRESENTS: 2Pac - Goin' All Out Volume 2 (Track list and final release date)

    On November 3rd, 2009, I will be putting out my final mixtape titled "Goin' All Out Volume 2 (The Best Of Berocke). It consists of 2 discs. The first disc is "The Best Of Berocke" and the second disc is "The New Mixes". A few of the mixes that appear on the new mixes disc I've actually put out individually on this site in the recent months but not all of them. I didn't know if I was going to put this mixtape out so that is why I put a few of them out. Anyway I think this will be a great final farewell to the 2Pac mixtape scene. Disc 2 track list might change slightly as I might add an Immortal mix in there. Anyway, track list as follows:

    Disc 1: The Best Of Berocke

    01. Loyal To The Game (Berocke Remix 3) (feat. Big Syke and DJ Quik)
    02. In California With Love (Berocke Remix) (feat. Dr. Dre)
    03. Only Fear Of Death (Berocke Remix 3)
    04. 16 On Death Row (Berocke Remix)
    05. Smile (Berocke Remix) (feat. Scarface)
    06. Open Fire (Berocke Remix 2)
    07. I'm Gettin' Money (Berocke Remix)
    08. Can't C Me (Berocke Remix)
    09. Fuck All Y'all (Berocke Remix 3)
    10. There U Go (DJ Abatino's Original Remix) (Berocke Remake) (feat. Outlawz)
    11. Still Ballin' (Berocke Remix) (feat. Kurupt)
    12. Whatcha Gonna Do (Berocke Remix) (feat. Storm)
    13. Fuck Em All (Berocke Remix 2) (feat. Outlawz)
    14. So Many Tears (Berocke Remix)
    15. Out On Bail (Berocke Remix 2) (No Chorus Version)
    16. Nothing To Lose (Berocke Remix 2)
    17. Thug Style (Berocke Remix 4)
    18. I'm Losin' It (Berocke Remix) (feat. Big Syke and Spice-1)
    19. The Uppercut (Berocke Remix)
    20. Lie To Kick It (Berocke Remix) (2007 Revisit) (feat. Richie Rich)
    21. The Thug In Me (Berocke Remix 2) (2007 Revisit) (feat. KCi & JoJo)

    Disc 2: The New Mixes

    01. Pac's Life (Berocke Remix)
    02. Fuck Em All (Berocke Remix 4) (feat. Outlawz)
    03. When We Ride On Our Enemies (Berocke Remix 3)
    04. Initiated (Berocke Remix) (feat. Kurupt and Daz Dillinger)
    05. Never Had A Friend Like Me (Berocke Remix)
    06. Can't C Me (Berocke Remix 2)
    07. War Games (Berocke Remix) (feat. Kurupt)
    08. As The World Turns (Berocke Remix) (feat. Outlawz)
    09. How Do U Want It (Berocke Remix)
    10. Me Against The World (Berocke Remix 5) (feat. Dramacydal)
    11. Hold On, Be Strong (Berocke Remix 4)
    12. Pain (Berocke Remix)
    13. Never Call U Bitch Again (Berocke Remix 3)
    14. Po Nigga Blues (Berocke Remix 2)
    15. House Of Pain VS Out On Bail (Berocke Remix) (feat. Stretch and The Notorious B.I.G)
    16. Don't Fuck With A Killa (Berocke Remix) (feat. Ray Dog and Freddie Foxxx)
    17. Runnin' (Berocke Remix 2) (feat. The Notorious B.I.G)
    18. 16 On Death Row (Berocke Remix) (2009 Revisit)
    19. Changes (Berocke Remix) (2009 Revisit)

    The New Mixes Sampler:
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    looking forward to it...dope cover

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    can't wait 4 this drop homie been waiting 4 awhile now.

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    new sampler link!
    The Legendary Berocke

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