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    Icon8 How can a sane person compare Tupac to any other rapper? I gettin tired of this!

    Forgive me if i put this in the wrong sectinon but this has to be discussed AGAIN.

    First of all...can you please tel lme what tracks didi BIG and any other East Coast rapper ever did in an activist form. Songs Like Words of Wisdom" and "Hola if You Hear Me Me". Who has ever made a song (interlude or snipet, i don't give a fuck how you call it, form me is more like a speach with a back groung instrumental!) like "Something 2 die 4 U". What about carring for real a flag and representin from the heart parts of our society like women and their troubles like he did in "Brendas Gotta Baby ". And there's more...what about the way he at that time already had all his ideiolys gettin formed. The NIGGA concept and definiotn as much as Thuglife and "been real to i die"! He's just the realest and hands down. I dont give a fuick how much money you make, how good as a MC you's about been True and never selling your soul for money or bitchies. Most of the rappers at that time did'nt sould their souls like today ones but they would never and did never had the ball to go as far as Pac did agaist the Goverment. He3 aways made shout out's for the East Coast rappers. He was from New Your and love it there. Like he said...New York...i ain1t mad at cha"...but for a little time when he got out of jail he was. He was Biggies Master. Waht real good and impressive music the BIG ever didi for society in general...for low self estime youngster and women? Tupac i felll was to real and close to his homies and his guetto as much as black people so when someone from New York, a black person, shoot's him and tries to kill him and he felt no support from thew niggaz he was supporting from the start he got real mad. I never like the idea of him joining Suge Bitch Knight but i just guees Pac got so angry he didn't know what to do. I don't care what you'all think and sometimes is hard to respect some of your opnions but i know as a man that i have to. But just for you'all to remember...hahaha I only talked about the first Tupac Albuns. Imagine if i Talked about his carrer and life. There can be better Mc's even though I dout. There could be a better rapper, wich there isn't. But no one has ever lived his life as Realest as he did as far as i know. He did contradicted him self sometimes but who hasn't. He was true. and His best friends where from New York, he would never disrespect them. He just felt some rappers from that side was just loving and bying BIG and Puffy's shit. So he said... he decided to destroy them. Hit'em up for real. And they did shit. If they really knew in their hearts that Pac was crazy and talking lies they would have dissed him back real good. But they had no souls. "He posesed his souls!" I think you Biggie and this punk rappers fans just don't give a fuck about real women, about racism, about real problems in life and society. That's why you commit the suicide of comparing Tupac Shakur to any of this little niggaz. Pac wasn't a rapper or singuer or an actor. He was kind of a prophet. People can't understand that. Those who can will admire him to their graves. But hey you'all...i can't help it you'all might be missing the Truth and real things life is about so u misunderstand things. But don't Worry...hehe

    "I aint mad at cha...Real niggaz do waht they WANNA do... Bitch niggaz dio waht they CAN" (Tupac Shakur)

    Peace and Luv

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    there will always be people who find things such as "flow" or "lyricism" more important. you just gotta learn to live with those dickheads.
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    but those people who compare 2 Pac arent sane
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