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    TN Exclusive: Asoka Interview 12\07

    For the people who dont know you... who r u? can u give us a background on yourself, just a brief description?

    My name is Asoka. I’m 21 years old and am currently staying in Detroit. I don’t really have a single hometown. We moved around a lot and some of the most memorable places I’ve lived are New Delhi, India; Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles.

    Your name is very original, tell us how you decided upon it. Did you take your name from a leader of an ancient empire? much like 2pac's name was derived from?

    Asoka is the name of an ancient Indian king. He expanded his empire far beyond the area India owns today, but eventually he gave it all up willingly for Religion And I thought that was really cool. So, Hence the name…

    Has your heritage influenced you in any way to become involved in the hip-hop community?

    I wouldn’t say my heritage to be honest. I think us always moving around has a lot to do with it. I would be the new kid in school, almost every school year. And so…you know…being raised like that, your not gonna have a normal childhood. So a lot of things being said in Hip Hop music were relevant to me…like a lot of stuff Pac would say…really hit close to home.

    Where or who did you study with to acquire your extraordinary work ethic, writing skills and many recordings?

    I actually didn’t have anybody at all to help me. A lot of it was basically just trial and error. A few months into it I had noticed that with each song I record, I get better. So basically I just locked myself into the studio pumping out track after track for up to nine hours a day, everyday. And eventually it just became an addiction…Like if I can’t get in the studio its like hard for me hard to function (laughs).

    Who are your influences/role models?

    As far as influences man…There’s A LOT. I listen to all genre’s of music; so it’s a big list but I will say this…if it wasn’t for 2Pac or Eminem’s album The Eminem Show. I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you.
    As far as role models…nobody’s really perfect. But I guess probably religious figures like Jesus Christ, Ram, Parmahansa Yogananda. People like that…who’ve made a difference.

    Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

    A lot of folks! Mike Shinoda definitely, Fred Drust, Dr Dre, The Game, Eminem, Paul Mccartney, Gwen Stefani, Mos Def, Nas, Kanye West, Akon, Stephan Marley. Just so many I don’t even know man(laughs).

    Being from detroit, the same city as Eminem, what really got you into rapping?

    Like I said, moving around had a great deal to do with it. But I remember the exact moment I decided I wanted to rap. I was listening to 2Pac’s song, “Nothin 2 Lose” And I was really despondent at the time, and that song just always makes me feel better. So I decided I want to be able to do that for people too.

    "Life Through My Eyez" is your first album, how was the reaction been to it and why did u decide to have it as a MP3 download?

    Well it’s my first album that has been officially pressed up and everything but its actually my fifth album. The response has been tremendous, people are diggin it! Gotta give out a shout out to Mr Taylor for that one, he really helped me out with this one. As far as the MP3 Download, I can’t reach everyone in person, but thru the net people from all around the globe listen to my music. I can see exactly where people are when they download my music and its really mind blowing. Sometimes there are people from countries I’ve never even heard of downloading it.

    Never Forget Me Feat. Akon is a song on your album, can you talk about what inspired you to do a track like that?

    Its actually a sample from Bone Thugs, funny thing is my version actually got put out before theirs came out (laughs). But when I heard it…I just had to do something with it. The hooks talking about what I’m living right now…I’m just trying to make sure that they never forget me!

    How did you get yourself involved with The Outlawz, and being on a number of tracks with them?

    When DJ Fatal and Makaveli Branded decided to put me on “The Underground Railroad” that’s really when it all started happening. I had been in touch with Young Noble for a few months and I knew we would be working together eventually…it was just a matter of having the right essentials needed to make a hot song!

    What was it like working with one of the most familiar rap groups of the past ten years?

    Oh man. It’s surreal. These are guys I grew up listening to, So hearing myself on records with ‘em is Crazy! Its really just surreal…some days I just gotta check myself, like…is this really my life.

    Is it possible you will continue working with them in the future?

    Oh defiantly.

    The underground railroad is a mixtape you are featured on, explain how it felt to be on the same mixtape (and track) as 2pac?

    Dream come true man. I just found out the other day that album got world wide distribution; you can cop it in Germany, Japan, The UK, and France now too.

    With future Pac albums in the works, do you ever see yourself being on an official album?

    God only knows. But don’t be surprised if it does happen. My music gets compared to Pac’s often and sometimes it bothers me. I mean its an honor but at the same time like 2Pac did 2Pac and I’m doing me, but I guess since we both base our music on real issues; things going on around the globe, there’s bound to be comparisons.

    Aside from your album, is there anything else that you are currently working on?

    Right now I’m just focusing on my album. Since I’ve been rappin I’ve been able to put out an album almost every six months. And none of them were really rushed. I’m just constantly in the studio. But with this next one…I’m just taking a little more time…I’m doing around 50-60 tracks and picking the best of to put out.

    Any last words you would like to give for your fans &

    Of course. Thank you for all your love and support. If it wasn’t for you guys cheering me on I don’t think I could have gotten this far. I do this for you…just as much as I do this for me.

    Check Asoka's Page Here. (Y)

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    thx for the drop man

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    Asoka is dope, i did a couple tracks for him.
    He has much skills on will make it one day. Everybody will see this ... i am sure!
    Download: Hidden Content

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    "We all had a listening party for the album, and Pac was loving every song.
    But when they played "Hail Mary", he just went through a thing.
    He threw his hands up in the air with his Hennessy bottle.
    He threw his hands up in the air like he ruled the nation." - Hurt M Badd

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    intresting interview

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    Good interview, hard to make it in the rap game these days but big ups to Asoka

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