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    Roccett Interview - A Makaveli Branded Artist [TN Exclusive] 2007

    Roccett Interview - a Makaveli Branded Artist.

    Check out this interesting interview with a good rapper and a
    Makaveli-Branded artist.

    This dude is really good, always represents Tupac, Thug Life and The Outlawz.
    I think our DJs should contact him too, he might want to work with serious DJs.

    Listen to his streaming music on his official site:

    Roccett & DJ Scream Released "Another Day Another Dollar"

    This interview has been in the TupacNation.Net vault for while now, its time to drop it.
    Thanks to Icedawg for contacting Roccett for this interview.

    Hows it going today Roccett?

    alls good, thanks for having me!!!

    Tell us a little bit about your earlier years growing up?

    I am from Carson, California. I had the typical early days, played ball, got caught up in the streets, started messing with rap, I have seen a lot in my young life, a lot of experiences...

    Why didn't your initial dream of a basketball career materialize?

    Your boy stopped growing, lol, its hard at 5''9 these days on the court. Beyond that, i got caught up in the streets a bit, was distracted,and didnt really pursue basketball the way you need too to advance your career. Being young and hard headed.

    Growing up in California during the rise of West Coast HipHip, was that the main influence for you in wanting to become a rap artist?

    I was influenced by Hip Hop from the early years, all the legends influenced me. Being in Cali< the likes of Ice Cube, Pac, Snoop, NWA, etc, definitely had great influence on me. I think there music influenced every hood and really influenced the entire world.

    What type of impact did 2pac have on you?

    The greatest influence, Pac is the 1 for me, I loved his work ethic, how much he recorded, his music, everything about PAC. I have other influences but Pac is definitely the greatest influence for me as an artist. I have a great deal of respect for all he accomplished as an actor, artist, poet, and leader.

    You have a partnership with Makaveli-Branded, and are sponsored by the official Tupac Myspace. How did you get involved with that partnership?

    I am a MAKAVELI BRANDED sponsored artist. Thats Pac's clothing line. I wear the clothes, host events, talk to kids, anything the brand is involved in, I try and be a part of. I got involved through my management, if you check out my myspace page, you will see i rep MAKAVELI BRANDED hard. I include the logo on any of my marketing materials, flyers, posters, etc, its an honor to help market the clothing line of a legend.

    You have worked with Green Up Entertainment, which has worked with notables like Usher and Tupac, can you tell us what type of atmosphere that has provided for you?

    Green Up is my company, something that we are growing and developing artists and branding for the future. I have gone through most of my experiences in this business through Green UP, the atmososphere has been both good and bad, trials and tribulations, because thats what this business is about. Grinding and working your way to the top.

    Being connected with Tupac in some way, either by his clothing line or his myspace page, has that put any added pressure on you during your career?

    Not at all, I just make music for all people. The fact that I promote and market Tupac's clothing line, doesnt add any pressure, I dont even look at it like that. There is pressure to perform and deal with this business no matter what your affiliated with.

    What type of impact do you hope to achieve in promoting Tupac's legacy?

    I hope just to be able to keep the legacy and movement going and strong. The clothing line does different community based events or sponsorships and its an honor to speak or share experiences through those events because your talking directly to troubled youth or the community, and thats impactful.

    You have allready worked with stars like Young Jeezy and Fabolous. What type of experience was that for you?

    Both of those artists are family and I been around them prior too making music with them so it was real comfortable. I respect both of them as artists, so Its a all around good look.

    What other artists would you like to work with in the future?

    I am gonna jump in the lab with Akon, hopefully Dre, would love to work with Jay Z, Mary J, Snoop, the legends... I would be honored to work with those artists.

    The source and Hip Hop Weekly Mag 2007 have had features about you in their publications among other outlets, do you feel like this type of exposure is enough for you to be noticed and emerge? Or is there more that has to be done?

    We never stop working, but those articles definitely help. But yeah there is a lot more that has to be done. My goal is to create a loyal fanbase so each day i try and do something to enhance that fanbase.

    You have a number of mixtapes currently out, including Colors, which do you recommend fans to check out and why?

    All of my mixtapes are a good look. Shows my progression as a MC. Colors is really going hard inthe streets and thats who i made it for. I made that music for all the real people in the world, all the hoods in the world. I got another CD about to drop called "CORPORATE AMERICA" which will be for radio, the clubs, the ladies, etc... go to and purchase my cd's..... Hit me up and leave feedback as well.

    We asked before that you have worked with Young Jeezy, and you now have a partnership with him as well, do you have any regrets about forming the partnership?

    No regrets... thats family. The CTE situation is a group situation and i still have options as a solo artist.

    When do you expect we could see an official album release from you, is 2008 a realistic date?

    Yeah early 2008 is definitely realistic, thats the goal i am shooting for.

    With more Tupac albums on the horizon is it possible in the future that you could appear on one of his albums? How do you feel about his latest album releases?

    Anything is possible. I am only involved in the clothing line MAKAVELI BRANDED, but i know on the last Pac album they had a lot of features., It would be a great honor to be featured on a Pac album. I like the Pac releases.

    Have you ever spoken with Afeni Shakur?

    No i have not had the honor but i have a great deal of respect.

    You have really been working hard on the music part of your career, is there anything else that you are currently working on? Perhaps not even music related?

    yeah, i am working on my DVD which i should release sometime this fall, I am reading some scripts to possibly mess with the movie or tv world, and off course i am in the studio making music...

    Over the last ten years the HipHop/Rap scene has changed so much since the deaths of 2pac and Biggie, what direction do you see rap music taking and is it a good step that it is going in?

    Its a big business. the digital era has affected music sales and independence is prominent. I would say as long as it is employing people and keeping people off the streets its going in a good direction.

    How well do you set yourself apart from the "just another rapper" mentality in this day and age?

    I just be real and honest in music and life. What I bring to the table isnt that of just another rapper and that sets me apart.

    If you could change one thing about today's artists what would you like to see changed?

    I want people to start making classic albums again, we living in the day of hot singles.....

    Lastly, What do you want to accomplish in your career?

    Everything, my goals are set so high. I want to sell records, act, and wherever else my career takes me and kick in whatever other doors that can be kicked in.

    Are there any last words you would like to say to and its fellow members?

    Thanks for the support, check out my music on myspace and hit me up.

    Keep the legacy of Tupac strong forever and suppport MAKAVELI BRANDED

    Thank you for your time!

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    haha nice yes you are right Idan to contact him we make tupacnation BIGGER!!!

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    I have to be honest im not too gone on that song in the video but this dude seems cool. Ya gotta support anyone like that.
    Propz to Icedawg for the interview, how come its been in the vaults for so long tho?

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    ^^ well Roccett isn't a big name, we forgot about this interview and i decided to publish it before it gets old. this dude is good, i hope he blow up 1 day.

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    This guy is a dope rapper, good to see him repping the thug life and 2Pac.

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    How come you publish it here on the forums after such a long period?

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    Thanks for the info .. this guys got some talent .. I'll definitely check out his stuff

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